Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus (E111BR89)

This Intensive Program 2013 has two main goals

  1. To develop creativity and autonomy thanks to an assisted “learning by doing” methodology.
  2. To create 5 working innovative and interactive HMI Prototypes at the end of the program, with the theme “Interfaces for Mobility in 2050”, thanks to several focused workshops and to large periods of group work.

Target Groups

  • Students from Portugal/Coimbra (Informatics), Austria/Graz (Media and Design), Belgium /Gent (Electronics) and Belgium/Brussels (Informatics)
  • Minimal level for students: 3rd Bach

Main Activities

  • Website creation and enrichment during the program
  • Courses and lectures about  creativity, innovative sensor technology, microcontrollers, command and action upon multimedia systems, minicomputing and immersive projection technologies
  • Learning by doing projects closely supervised by the participating teachers
  • Discussion and talks about technology and mobility between experts and students

Learning Outcomes

  • New technical knowledge
  • Experience in group work
  • Experience in communication processes between designers and engeneers
  • Intercultural experience
  • Interdisciplinary experience

Expected Outputs IP2013

  • A students blog showing their research, their design  efforts and their results
  • A Proof-of-concept for an  innovative multisensoric/networked application dealing with Mobility in the year 2050
  • A public presentation with demonstration at ESC – a gallery for art and technology
  • A demo video documenting the concept and the making of