The topic is “Interfaces for mobility in 2050

Research Ressources:

Kunsthaus Visit:download english booklet here

The World in 2050

8 Ways the World will Change

Future of Mobility

Post Carbon Institute look especially at the videos

Peak Oil

technical information:

If You have problem on OSX playing HD videos in GEM try to encode Your video in Apple Intermediate Codec or Apple Pro Res

floor plan of the ESC

3D Scanning:

Blog about 3D scanning

3D Scanner with Kinect

3D Scan with OSX

From Kinect to MakerBot

how to coonect a kinect with makerbot

printing 3D with kinect

OSX Kinect Application


for the OpenStreetMap workshopJava and OSM-Editor JOSM (PDF download)

Pure Data Floss Manual

RaspberryPI Workshop (PDF download)

Slides from Kinect Lecture (PDF download)

Project Ressources

Each of t,he groups will be provided with at least:

  • 1 I-Mac (Software – virtualbox, resolume, arduino-ide, python, processing, pd-extendend (with kinect external and extended view) preinstalled
  • 1 ,,RaspberryPi and accessories
  • 1 ,Arduino board, breadboard, different sensors and electronic parts and shields
  • 01 Microsoft Kinect
  • 1 smartphone or tablet – android or Ios

Further resources:

  • Video projectors (5 will only be available for the last two days for preparing the final presentation).
  • Cameras, recording equipment etc. for prepairing their presentations.
  • 3-D printers (2 makerbots)
  • 1 Laser-cutter
  • 1 plotter